An instrumental, written on a rented acoustic guitar back in the late ’80’s, during a visit to Encinitas, California.

I started coming to this wonderful place during family visits when I was very small and have had the extreme good fortune to be able to return here regularly through the years.

The song is an impression of being next to the ocean, with the sun reflecting on the waves, the pelicans and seagulls swooping and gliding, the smell of the salt air and the mystery that always lies just beyond the sunset.

Different versions were recorded through the years, first on a 4-track portastudio in the mid-90’s, then on a digital 8-track in the early 2000’s and finally in 2012 on my laptop, in the basement of our house in the dead of a long, cold Toronto winter. The video was stitched together shortly thereafter. Originally the song had lyrics, but in the end I ditched them and just kept it instrumental.