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  • two birds

2 Birds

An instrumental, written on a rented acoustic guitar back in the late ’80’s, during a visit to Encinitas, California. I started coming to this wonderful place during family visits when... Read More

KapowKidz: We Live What We Teach

We live in a diverse world that is connected through technology. At KapowKidz, we are dedicated to developing live and online interactive programs for children that inspire creativity and mastery... Read More


  Coloured pencil, ink on paper. 27″ x 17″. Based on a sketch from 1998 and produced in January, 2018. A Quantum Landscape … In which she creates her fantastic... Read More
  • problems


  I wrote this song in 2002 and recorded it a few times at home before I finally did this version in 2015.  The video was compiled bit by bit... Read More