PROJECT: CANADIAN BROADCASTING CORP. Kids' CBC Brand Identity Design Lead, Art Direction

KIDS' CBC is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's childrens' programming brand.

Programming is focused on two demographics; preschool and after school.

As a senior art director and design project leader for the Kid's CBC brand identity project, my role extended from the formative sessions that laid out the conceptual foundation of the brand to the production and delivery of the final on-air brand elements.

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Demo Reel - Kids' CBC Brand ID - Pre-School


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Demo Reel - Kids' CBC Brand ID - After School

Project designers: Gary Pearson, John Fraser, Helene Morency, Philip Street, Terry O'Neill.

A team of six CBC staff designers was assembled to execute the design mandate formed during the initial sessions, focusing first on the logo and then moving onto the production of promos, online and print elements.

These demo reels show some of the work done by our CBC design team during the design and production phase of the project.

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