Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

“The work you did for Paul was first rate and very much appreciated by all”.
Robert Montgomery, Director / McCartney Productions, Ltd., 2008

Art Direction and Design for ‘The Space Within US’.

It was fascinating to work with Sir Paul McCartney, to see close up how much personal and professional integrity he brings to his work. He has a profound connection to his audience and cares deeply about what he communicates through his music and his live presentations. From a business perspective, he expresses his vision in a way that is at once authoritative and open to new ideas. As a creative professional and entrepreneur, I am grateful for the experience of working with and learning from Sir Paul McCartney.

Animated Paintings – 2007 Concept Proposal

Creative work for ‘The Space Within US’  was followed with a proposal to animate some of Sir Paul’s paintings for a pre-concert show or promo items. Samples were created using the paintings, ‘Egypt Station’ and ‘Home Territory’.