February 21, 2018

Coloured pencil, ink on paper. 27″ x 17″. Based on a sketch from 1998 and produced in January, 2018.

A Quantum Landscape

… In which she creates her fantastic journey; crossing an ocean, magical bird watching, seeing animal skeletons in a desert and a mystery man in a sombrero. There is no past; all possibilities take place in the eternal present. One split second in the illusion of time.

Make Your Own Story

There is a story in this image. The key lies in the abstraction, the way nothing really ‘adds up’ to anything literal; everything is open to interpretation. I don’t know the woman in the picture; I can only imagine her, in her apartment in the city, reconstructing or imagining her adventure in real time. My version of whatever is portrayed here is only one version. Yours will be the best, because it will belong to you.

Have Fun

When my kids were young we used to go through catalogues of artists works and play a game called, ‘What Happened Here”? I remember us looking at works by so many artists… Paul Klee, Stuart Davis, many others. Those images were like gasoline to the fire of their imaginations. In those moments, they too were creating their own versions of their own fantastic journey.