Day 1 back in Beijing; cool and rainy, but nice to see things in bloom! The first few days are mainly about ‘respecting the lag’. It can creep up on ya and next thing you know you’re wandering around like a zombie speaking your own version of Chinese…


Just a regular street, nothing much happening. Almost nap time.


I’ve been coming to China regularly since 2016. In fact, I have spent the majority of my time here over the past two years. The business I share with my wife, KapowKidz, Inc., was one of just ten companies chosen back in 2015 by the Ontario Centres for Excellence and China – Canada Angel Alliance Investor Group to receive investment and to start a joint venture here. Since then we’ve been developing and piloting our new live and online storytelling program, ‘The Storyteller’s Journey’. This work has provided an opportunity to get to know China up close and personal, and for that I am extremely grateful. China is a fascinating country, full of wonderful, friendly people.


The two gals who run this little snack place are always laughing and having a good time. They make these delicious crispy little pancake veggie burrito sandwich things that are perfect for a light dinner after a long trip.


This trip will take us to 5 cities as part of an Ontario Government / Canada Trade mission: Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Hong Kong. In addition to meeting with investors, producers and marketers, I will be looking into marketing my artwork here. It promises to be yet another exciting adventure… Stay tuned!


Graffiti in Beijing, in the Dashilan district. Once a famous red light district, now full of antique stores, art galleries and art supply outlets.