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Content development, branding and marketing of the multicultural storytelling program 
used by over 1,000,000 children, educators and families in Canada, Australia and China.

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Storyvalues Online and Live Programs

Storyvalues was conceived in 2007 as a program for schools to facilitate character education objectives. I developed the program with professional storyteller Cheryl Thornton, using her unique and popular live storytelling performances as a foundation for building an engaging online program that could be easily accessed by schools and families. 

Early iterations gained an immediate audience; 50 schools in Ontario signed up for the program even as we were developing prototypes. 

By 2008 we had developed a library of 20 original audio recordings and a rudimentary curriculum and had secured a licensing arrangement with North America’s 4th largest school district, the Toronto District School Board.  

Character, Culture and Creativity

In time, the scope of Storyvalues expanded beyond character education to cover many parts of the Ontario curriculum, including Arts, Language, Social Studies, Drama and Music. 

From 2008 to 2015 we developed several versions of the program, including Storyvalues Interactive and The Storyteller’s Journey program, containing over 65 audio recordings, a library of mini documentary videos, interactive websites and over 400 pages of original curriculum. 

In 2009, Curriculum Services Canada designated Storyvalues Interactive as an ‘approved and recommended’ program. Storyvalues has been used by over one million students and families in schools and communities in Canada and Australia.

2015 – Introduction to China

In 2015 Storyvalues came to the attention of Chinese investors who expressed interest in bringing the program to China. 

Storyvalues, Inc., was just one of ten Canadian companies chosen to participate in the inaugural CAMP program in Beijing, sponsored by the Ontario Government and the China / Canada Angels Alliance investment partnership. 

A subsidiary was formed and in 2016 KapowKidz – China was officially launched as a joint venture business in Beijing.