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Artist Statement

I use painting, drawing, and music as a meditation to observe and participate in the creative process of life. For me, art isn’t about deliberate planning, intellectual concepts, or political statements. In my work, I try to capture the fleeting creativity and spirituality of each moment and to communicate the joy of being alive. 

Every piece is an act of discovery, of improvisation, as I venture into the unknown, channeling my creative inspiration and letting it flow back into the world on canvas or recording. I always invite my viewers to participate in this discovery. 

We all have our own creativity inside of us, and for any piece to be complete, it requires you, the viewer, to supply this. Fit my work into your life, and find meaning in it to make the creative circuit whole.


Following the creative path has led to many interesting and sometimes unexpected places over the years:

- Exhibiting in New York City East Village and SoHo galleries in the 80’s and ’90’s

- Illustrating articles for major publications

- Working as senior art director at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

- Art direction and design for Sir Paul McCartney

- Creating Storyvalues, an innovative and popular online storytelling and art based program used by over one million children in schools and households in Canada, USA and Australia.

- Starting a new joint venture business in Canada and China, ‘KapowKidz’, devoted to teaching creative communication skills to children using stories, original songs and new media.

I am currently creating and exhibiting new artwork and music and exploring exciting opportunities from my new studio located in Southwestern Ontario.

Featured Publications

I've been fortunate to work with many companies and publications throughout the years.
The Globe and Mail
Oxford University Press
LA Times
Random House

Contact me for any general inquiries, custom prints or commissions.

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