Song Notebook #1 -  'Strange Things Seem to Happen'

Song Notebook #1 - 'Strange Things Seem to Happen'

This song was written over the course of a couple weeks in 2017 while on an extended stay in Beijing, China. I had recently heard of the tragic passing of two young people, the adult offspring of close friends.

Obviously, there is no way of ameliorating or doing justice to the pain that comes from such a loss. Nevertheless, from that feeling of emptiness came this song. And, as inadequate as it is in the face of such trauma, it does offer a perspective that suggests that there is more to us than our fleeting, finite existence may suggest. 

The recording is from February, 2021.

Strange Things Seem to Happen

A billion tadpoles swim upstream, only one will live the dream

To hear the morning songbird as she sings.

But who knows what the rising sun will bring.


A trillion suns in outer space, only one shines on your face

Covered by the clouds and then the moon.

Tomorrow always comes a day too soon.


Strange things seem to happen, who knows what will be

There’s mystery in the miracle that brings forth all we see.


Live the day, do your best. Study hard for the test. 

Answer all the questions right or wrong.

No one knows, we all pretend that we know, but in the end...

We make it up as we go along.


Countless possibilities, only one with certainty

We take the heroes’ journey to the grave.

But there among the particles and waves…


Strange things seem to happen, hear the songbird sing

Calling forth the miracles that each new day will bring.

Words & Music © Matthew Giffin

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